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This is a 16th century Flemish peasant dress that I made from instructions by Drea Leed (see the link to The Elizabethan Costume Page).  Although she based her research on Flemish paintings of the period, there is a great deal of evidence that dresses almost identical to this one were worn in England as well. The gown is made of charcoal grey wool lined with yellow cotton, the kirtle or petticoat bodies is made of blue linen/cotton blend, and the shift is made of white linen.

This is a man's Court Elizabethan I made for my friend Jeremy. The black and cream brocade fabric has been embellished with gold rocaille bugle beads and silver rose beads as well as slashes showing a gold antique satin. The breeches are paned slops with the gold satin showing thru the panes.

A detail shot of Jeremy's Elizabethan showing it with the black velveteen cape and some details of the sleeves.

Jeremy's Elizabethan from the back showing further decorative slashing.

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This is my friend Ryan Barrett who is wearing a black satin doublet which I custom quilted.

Steve Deasy played Nicholas Hilliard the Elizabethan Miniature Painter, for several seasons at Bristol Renaissance Faire.  He is wearing a slashed doublet with matching sleeves and venetians.  On the table is the matching shoulder cloak and he has a matching tall  hat.

This is Dustin Morton who portrays Sir Philip Sydney at Bristol Renaissance Faire.  He is wearing a set of slops (Pumkin Pants), and doublet with sleeves to match the slops and a shoulder cloak made of dark green velvet with a flat cap to match.

Here is my friend Deanna Morton who plays Frances Walsingham, Lady Sydney at Bristol Renaissance Faire.  This dress is based on portraits of the Spanish Infanta Clara Isabella.  The back view shows the jeweled caul and the trim on the back of the doublet.

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Here is a shot of Julie and Dustin on the shore of the lake by Noble's Glade at Bristol Renaissance Faire. This is a Spanish surcote worn by June Perkins who portrays Lady Huntington at Bristol Renaissance Faire. She is also wearing a set of sheer good organdy over cream brocade sleeves and a black velveteen tall hat. My first season in the Guilde Of St. George at Bristol Renaissance Faire.  I'm in the black dress to the right (my first Elizabethan!) and from left to right are my friends Jim Farris (Sir Christopher Hatton), Marie Denikas (Baroness Norreys), and Kate Scotese (Lady Helena Snakenborg).

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