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This is my friend Heather Baldwin modeling an 18th century Colonial Woman's outfit that I made for Feast Of The Hunter's Moon in Lafayette, Indiana. Here is my friend Tony Hrubes in a dark green velvet cavalier. Here is an outfit from Dark Ages Europe - with a definite Viking flavor. This is what I call my "Medieval Huntress" outfit.  The pattern  for the dress is basically a cotehardie.  The bow is a traditional English Longbow custom made for me in oak.  It has a 52lb draw and I really do use it for archery - it's not just a prop.

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I am wearing a 14th century cotehardie made from wool twill woven in maroon and gold.  The hood with the nice long liripipe is of a dusty forest green twill lined with natural muslin. This outfit was designed and made for a Victorian Tea Party I organized at the Downers Grove Park District Museum. The skirt is made from heavy cotton veleveteen with a subtle paisley desingn in rusty red, blue and tan. The shirtwaist is a purchased piece I found at a little shop in the medieval city of Nice- I believe that it's made form silk and it miraculously fit me! I am wearing my trusty black satin corset underneath it all. And here's a little number I just call 'Painted Sadie'. I have been a fan of the British Sci-Fi classic "Doctor Who" for a long time. Here is my version of one of The Doctor's companion Leela's outfits. She's my favorite.

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