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Disclaimer: Although some of the photos will show people wearing costumes, unless I specifically say that I made them, I didn't. I just have lots of friends who like dressing up!

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Last December I got a call from my friend Pete saying that he had managedto schmooze his way into providing carolers for the Steve Dahl production of 'A Christmas Carol' here in Chicago and would I come and carol. I said "Uh, okay." So I ended up spending a very enjoyable afternoon singing and being generally silly with Steve Dahl and his cast of celebrity guests performing at the Park West. For non-Chicagoans who may not know who Steve Dahl is, he's a very well known Chicago talk-radio DJ. For those of you who remember the '70's, he was the one responsible for 'Disco Demolition'.

From left to right: Ralph Scotese, Me, Larry Rothbard, Steve Dahl, Pete Pollack, and Kate Scotese is standing in front.

My friend Deana Roberts-Morton is wearing a lovely rose moire Victorian she made herself. Pretty good for a first effort! You can also see her wearing an Elizabethan I made for her on the Elizabethan Costume page. At the Christmas Carol performance, I had a chance to meet film critic Roger Ebert. He's a very nice guy and really, really funny. This is Dan as seen at the Victorian Tea Party. He was our Intrepid Explorer- that is to say an arrogant, opinionated, Know-it-all. Okay, I'll admit to type casting........

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At Marcon (a Science Fiction and fantasy convention) in Columbus Ohio over memorial Day weekend, I got to meet Dr. Demento. He had a friend take a picture of the two of us as well so somewhere in amongst all the photos of interesting friends he has, there's a picture of him with a strange woman in an Elizabethan costume.....

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